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Here at RMC I am the head of the Master Programmes and I teach the Artistic Development Class (KUA) on the Bachelor Programme and MP-class on the Master.

I also lead the Creative Music Ensemble as an elective on the Master Programme.

Often students at RMC choose me as a Specialization Teacher for trumpet and also for jazz-studies, improvisation etc. (all instrumentalists)

Throughout the years my own teachers have included; Søren Emtoft (Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen) Lars Togeby (trp) Herb Pomeroy (combo,imp) Greg Hopkins (trp) Laurie Frink (trp) and Yusef Lateef.

On my website you can find videos and different writing etc.


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Kasper Tranberg





(short bio)

Kasper Tranberg (b. 1971 in Denmark)

is a composing improviser and bandleader who plays cornet and trumpet and likes poetry.

Tranberg has been a strong voice on the european music scene for more than two decades, and lately he is, beside his own work, known for his collaborations with a.o. Yusef Lateef, Marc Ducret, Jacob Anderskov, Tim Berne and Peter Bruun.  

                                                                                                                                                   Kasper took up the trumpet at the age of ten and was playing in local march and brass bands soon.

Early studies with Prof. Søren Emtoft from The Royal Conservatory of Music, Denmark. Aged 19 Kasper began studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, US where his main teachers were legendary Herb Pomeroy and trumpeter Greg Hopkins. In 1993 Kasper returned to Copenhagen and got his first major gig with Mercer Ellington at The Duke Ellington Conference in 1994.

At the same time guitarist Niclas Knudsen and Kasper had formed the quartet “When Granny Sleeps” which recorded three successful albums with a.o. David Liebman and Ray Anderson. The band toured in Europe and also performed at The Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival in New York, US.

In the late 1990’s Kasper and guitarist Jonas Struck formed the band BUGPOWDER with space-trombonist Mads Hyhne and drummer Laust Sonne. The hard hitting unit recorded two albums, performed quite a bit and was nominated to a Nordic Music Council Award for the album “Autoabsence” released on Kaspers label Bugpowder Records formed in 1998.


As a sideman Kasper has worked with James Moody, Ray Anderson, Joe Lovano, Steve Swallow, Kip Hanrahan, David Liebman, Michael Blake, Gianluigi Trovesi, Chris Potter, Tyshawn Sorey, Pierre Dørge, Ib Glindeman, Nikolaj Nørlund, Hugo Rasmussen, Lars HUG, Bent Jædig, Paul Banks, Swan Lee, Mew, Fredrik Lundin, T.S Hawk, Hans Ulrik, C.V. Jørgensen, John Tchicai, Savage Rose, Jesper Zeuthen, Jacob Bellens and Jakob Anderskov among many others


Recent activities

KASPER TRANBERG : SUITE COBRA (solo cornet/trumpet and poetry)

KASPER TRANBERG TERZET w Nils Davidsen (b) and Frands Rifbjerg (drums)

KASPER TRANBERG STRAWBOSS w Tony Malaby (saxes) Pandelis Karayorgis

(piano) Nils Davidsen (cello+bass) Adam P Melbye (bass) Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (drums and percussion)

Kasper Tranberg Tokyo Quartet w. Hiroshi Minami (piano) Hiroaki Mizutani (b) and Akira Sotoyama (drums)

Peter Bruun – All Too Human w. Bruun, Simon Toldam and Marc Ducret.  

Frands Rifbjerg Quartet w Søren Kjærgaard, AC and Frands Rifbjerg                 

Strange Brothers w. Simon Spang-Hanssen, Peter Danstrup and Ole Rømer   

Damaztra : w Peter Danstrup and Marilyn Mazur         

Fosterchild w. Sebastian Gille, Jacob Anderskov, David Helm, Fabian Arends   

SiiN w Tim Berne, Petter Eldh and Peter Bruun

Rasmus Krogh Quartet     

In trio with Adam Pultz Melbye and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki     

Zone Bleue duo w. bassist/cellist Nils Davidsen   

Jacob Anderskov's Accident    

Jesper Zeuthen's Plus


Albums as a leader

Kasper Tranberg : Terzet (ILK, 2018)   

Kasper Tranberg : Strawboss (ILK, 2018)     

Zone Bleue (ILK)   

The Universal Quartet feat Yusef Lateef “LIGHT" (ILK)       

The Universal Quartet feat. Yusef Lateef (BlackOut Records)    

Kasper Tranberg : Dreams and Blues for Toru Takemitsu (EWE,Japan)

Kasper Tranberg : Mortimer House (EWE, Japan)

Kasper Tranberg : Copenhagen Social Aid And Pleasure Club (EWE, Japan)

Kasper Tranberg : Terracotta ( Blackout Records)

Kasper Tranberg Yakuza Zhuffle (Storyville Records)

Kasper Tranberg : Panorama (Bugpowder)


Awards and nominations

Ben Webster Prize 2019 

Nordic Council Music Prize     

DJBFA Hæderspris   

Sørens Penge       

Danish Art Foundation