Anderskov blog 8: Interview responses (in English)

Within his artistic research project 'Habitable Exomusics' composer Jacob Anderskov has now published his interviews with internationally significant improvisers.
12. aug. 2015

I have now collected the interviews and published the entire interview text online (Pdf, 17 pages, in English).

It includes the complete responses from 8 of my highly valued international colleagues. As I write in the opening chapters:

“The interviewees were all – by choice of mine – musicians that I had personal contact to beforehand, most of them because we had performed together at some point.

All interviews reprinted in the text were done by e-mail correspondence, with no following up to the questions. No editing was made except for spelling and graphic considerations.


The interviewees chose to respond in quite different ways, as can be seen in the full text.

I find that their individual answers are beautifully aligned with the aesthetics of their music.

It is interesting how different the responses are – and yet, also how much recognition there seems to be between at least half of them to the landscape I had been considering during the project.”


Some excerpts from the interview:

” (…)I have tried to develop a very clear intention with regard to phrasing and rhythmic generation of musical ideas.  From rhythm comes melody.  From this more gestural impulse come the pitches that I hear in the moment.” - Ellery Eskelin.

” (…) Also the question what IS a definable material structuring principle. At the very end it always breaks down to limitation, because every system limits your possibilities.” - Frank Gratkowski.

”For example, it has been a conscious choice to have never read a book on Serialist techniques.” - Django Bates.


The interviewees were:









I would like to express my gratitude to all of them for responding. Thank you!


Om 'Habitable Exomusics'

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Om Jacob Anderskov

Jacob Anderskov er pianist, orkesterleder og komponist.


Han har udgivet over 25 albums som bandleder.


Han har modtaget adskillige priser, senest Årets Jazz Komponist 2013 til Danish Music Awards Jazz.


Jacob Anderskov er selv uddannet fra RMC i 2002 og har siden 2012 været ansat som lektor.


I Kulturministeriets definition er kunstnerisk udviklings-virksomhed en integreret del af en kunstnerisk proces, der fører frem til et offentligt tilgængeligt resultat og ledsages af en refleksion over såvel processen som præsentationen af resultatet.